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Young love growing old together.


Via: David Coyne
My goal is to start doing more than one thing in a day.

So each and every day I’m making myself a schedule. I’m trying to get on my feet. I want to stay active this school year. I also want to help my parents as much as I can by letting them sleep in. I know there will be days where I will have a mental breakdown .. But i know I will be okay because I know god will be by my side. He’ll be there for the ups and downs. I’m hoping this year will look brighter each and ever day.



Well shit

My plans for the next two years.

Pay a good $10,000 in loans in the next 10 months. Do crossfit. Finish school in the next 3 months. Finish paying my laptop in the next 7-9 months. Once my laptop is out of the way I’ll be better. My budgets going to be tight but my first priority is to get in shape, live a healthier life style and pay off my school loans. Then buy myself a car at the age of 23. It’s a long wait but I know it will be worth it.

Chris Pratt Feeling very Mad Max in this #GOTG set pic.
I apologize way too much.

It’s ridiculous. I’m too effing nice ugh.
I gotta step my game up and start being mean.